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Sylvestri Explains Why Standard PE Funds Less Attractive

Frequent IvyPlus speaker, Ronald Sylvestri, President of Quail Ridge Asset Management, LTD, is in Forbes this week discussing "Why The Standard Private Equity Fund Is Losing Its Luster".  

Among other reasons, Sylvestri says "The biggest issue the industry faces is liquidity where a 10-year lockup with two 1-year extensions is the norm. That is a long time to keep precious capital locked up, especially in a bad economic cycle during which a fund can’t exit its investment. Most investors don’t like the 10-year lockup and would rather opt for a more liquid structure. LP’s seem to be moving away from blind pool investing, and opting for more flexible vehicles and structures. "

You can find out more here – http://onforb.es/XIaDaG


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